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Docker Swarm Hands-On

Deploy your first Docker Swarm service

Use what you learned until now to deploy your first swarm service

  • use the image alpine:3.7 with the command ping
  • after deploying, scale it to 3 replicas

Deploy your first Docker Swarm service

  • try to make a rolling update to image alpine:3.8
  • after having done the update remove the service

Deploy another service

  • create a new docker-compose.yml with 2 services
  • webapp use the adfinissygroup/flask-redis-counter image
  • use the environment variables REDIS_HOST and REDIS_PORT to connect to redis

Deploy another service

  • the webapp should have 1 replica
  • the second service should use the redis:4 image
  • no volumes will be needed

Deploy the app and make sure it works

Update your service

Every change should be done through the docker-compose.yml

  • scale the webapp to 3 replicas
  • add a volume mapped to /data for the redis

Update your service

  • change the image from redis:4 to redis:latest
  • update the service by deploying over it with an update delay of 5s

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