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Version Control Systems

  • See who changed when why what


  • Restore

  • Archive

  • Collaboration

Server - Client

Server - Client

  • server-client

  • CVS, SVN, ...



  • Distributed

  • Git, Mercurial, ...


Distributed offline VCS

Working Copy, Stash, Commit

Remote Handling


git log --graph --decorate --abbrev-commit --all --pretty=oneline

Git Getting started


git config "John Doe"
git config ""

Create first project

git init project1
cd project1

Create files and add them

touch file1
git add file1  # (not persistent, only signaling)
git commit -m "My first commit"  # (persistent)

Git Branches

Create a new branch

git branch feature-1                  # create a branch
git checkout -b feature-2             # create and switch to branch
touch file2
git add file2                         # stage file for next commit
git commit -m "Adding feature file2"  # commit the changes

Merge branch into master

  • Fast-forward (default)
git checkout master
git merge feature-2
  • No-fast-forward
git checkout master
git merge --no-ff feature-2



# clone a remote repository and switch into it
git clone && cd octocat
git remote show
git remote show origin


git checkout origin/dev -b dev
git checkout master
(create/edit some content)
git status
git checkout -- .  # undo changes
git checkout 5e620bb -B master

Create branch

# create branch feature-1
git checkout origin/master -B master
git branch feature-1
git checkout origin/master -B feature-1

Show branches

git branch            # list local branches
git branch --remotes  # list only remote branches
git branch --all      # list all branches

Delete a branch

git branch -d feature-1

Create a merge

# create branch feature-1
git checkout origin/master -B feature-1
(add an exclamation mark to the end of the line in octocat.txt)
git add .
git commit -m 'some comment'
git merge origin/dev  # a merge confict happens
git status

Fix merge conflicts

git diff
(fix the confict with your favorite editor)
git diff
git add octocat.txt
git merge --continue


git log
git log --oneline --decorate --graph --all


(open a terminal in another empty directory)
$ git init --bare
$ pwd
$ (go to your first repository)
$ pwd
$ git remote add bare /home/user/bare
$ git remote show

Push and pull

git checkout master   # switch from feature-1 to master branch
git branch --remotes  # nothing in repository bare
git push bare master  # push local master to remote bare
git branch --set-upstream-to=bare/master  # track remote branch
git branch --remotes  # branch master is in repository bare too
git fetch bare        # fetch changes from bare
git push bare :master # remove branch master from remote bare


# Use one single commit and apply it to the local branch
git cherry-pick d17cfc8  # <-- points to a commit on


# reset all tracked files and checkout branch master
git reset --hard master


# create a tag on the current commit
git tag v1.0.0 -m 'Version 1.0.0'
# create a tag on a specific commit
git tag v0.5.0 -m 'Version 0.5.0' 5e620bb
git push --tags
# list all tags
git tag

Cleanup Git repository

# cleanup unnecessary files and optimize the local repository
git gc



  • Pages

  • Wiki

  • Issues

  • Merge requests

  • Todos

  • Milestones

Advanced Features

  • CI/CD pipelines

  • Issue and MR templates

  • Container registry


  • Admin permissions

    • Standard user

    • Group owner

    • GitLab admin

  • Permissions


  • Project namespace

  • User permissions

Project settings

  • Project permissions

  • Issue template

  • Merge Request method

  • Approvals


  • Grant access by groups

  • Add special access to users or groups

  • Permissions


  • Webhooks

  • Trigger by different actions

  • Services, e.g.

    • Jira

    • Bugzilla

    • Mattermost

Deploy keys

  • Special SSH Keys for deploying

  • Full repository access

  • Used to deploying and in CI/CD

  • Access restriction

Protected Branches

  • Allow only some users to push to certain branches

  • Allow only to merge in certain branches


  • Worker for CI/CD pipelines

  • Enforce additional rules for merging

  • Run after push on HEAD


  • Key-Value-pair

  • Used in CI/CD as environment variables

  • e.g.

    • Credentials

    • Run parameters


  • Trigger a URL for special API calls

  • e.g.

    • build documentation

    • deploy website

CI/CD pipelines

Project features

  • Issues

  • Merge requests

  • Milestones

  • Wiki


  • Issue tracker

  • Manage project issues

  • Labels

  • Milestones

  • Assign to someone

  • Time tracking

  • Due date

  • Weight

Merge requests

  • Corresponding branch (same or forked repository)

  • Reviewing code before merge into master

  • Comments

  • CI/CD pipeline

  • Work in progress (WIP)

  • Fix/resolv issue

Administration Interface

  • Global Administration

    • Project

    • User

    • Group

  • Monitoring

GitLab Update Cycle

  • Released frequently (monthly on the 22nd)

  • Update badge in admin area

    • asap: Security issues

    • soon: New features

    • up-to-date: Newest version


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