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Kubernetes Troubleshooting

How to troubleshoot your cluster

List your nodes and see their state

kubectl get nodes

Logfiles of kubernetes components

For SUSE CaaSP Everything is logged to the journal

Master Nodes

journalctl -a -u kube-apiserver

journalctl -a -u etcd

Worker Nodes

journalctl -a -u kubelet

journalctl -a -u kube-proxy

Some possible reasons your nodes are in failed state

  • VM(s) shutdown
  • Network issues
  • Crashes in Kubernetes services
  • Data loss or unavailability of persisten storage
  • Operator error or misconfiguration

What to do if a service isn't running as expected?

Is the service reachable?

curl mydomain.local

Is the pod running?

kubectl get pods

if not, why?

kubectl describe pod xxxx

if the pod is running, what is it telling us?

kubectl logs pod xxxx

kubectl logs --previous pod xxxx

Other helpful commands

kubectl delete pod xxxx = basically restart Pod

kubectl get events

kubectl get deploy xxxx -o yaml

kubectl get ingress xxxx -o yaml

kubectl get endpoints

Most common known Errors

  • ImagePullBackOff
  • FailedCreatePodSandBox
  • Backoff from starting
  • Readiness or Liveness Probe failing (Unhealthy)
  • Scheduling Errors

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