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Container Repository

Best practices for Docker image repositories

Docker Tags

Different usage patterns for different use-cases!

Shared images

e.g. database containers, base images

  • Use SemVer if possible
  • Reuse tags when compatibility is ensured
  • v1, v1.7, v1.7.13
  • Perform versioning on CI/CD level

Application images

Images specific to a single application

  • Use hash of git commit
  • git rev-parse --verify HEAD
  • Use additional SemVer tags
  • Use the image digest
  • docker-image@sha256:0123abcd...
  • docker images --digests

Docker Registry

Law of the land

  • No manual push to the registry!
  • Image uploads only via CI/CD pipeline
  • Images are tagged in the CI/CD pipeline

Docker registry cleanup

Out with the old, in with the new!

  • Delete old images from the registry
  • Docker Registry HTTP API V2
  • Digest required for DELETE request
  • Custom API for registry solution
  • Nexus
  • Harbor
  • JFrog Artifactory

Attribution / License

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