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SUSE Manager 3 - Channel Management


  • Channels

  • Lifecycle Management

  • Activation Keys


  • Channels are RPM repositories releated to products, add-ons or modules.

  • SUSE products contains a pool and an update channels

    • Pool channels do not change

    • Update channels can change

Channel Types

  • Vendor Channels

  • Base Channels

  • Child Channels

  • Cloned Channles

  • Custom Channels

Lifecycle Environment

Activation Keys

  • An activation key is a group of configuration settings with a label.

  • This information is passed on to all systems registered with a key.

  • Each activation key is bound to the organization for which it has been created.

  • Activation keys may be used with traditional clients or with Salt clients.

Activation Keys

An activation key can specify:

  • Channel Assignment

  • System Types (Traditionally called Add-on Entitlements)

  • Contact Method

  • Configuration Files

  • Packages to be Installed

  • System Group Assignment

Hands-on :: Channel Managemant 03

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