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SUSE Manager 3 Hands-on

Hands-on :: SP Migration 09

Synchronize SP2 repositories and migrate a system.

SP Migration 09 - Import

Configure the new repository data.

Stop the tomcat service:

# systemctl stop tomcat

Change the data directory in /etc/rhn/rhn.conf to:

# local data directory
server.susemanager.fromdir = /data/repos_wSP2_20161116

Start the tomcat service:

# systemctl start tomcat

SP Migration 09 - Synchronization

Refresh the channel and schedule a reposyn:

# mgr-sync refresh

# mgr-sync list channel

# mgr-sync add channel sles12-sp2-pool-x86_64

# mgr-sync add channel sles12-sp2-updates-x86_64

# mgr-sync add channel sle-manager-tools12-pool-x86_64-sp2

# mgr-sync add channel sle-manager-tools12-updates-x86_64-sp2

Verify the synchronization:

# ls -la /var/log/rhn/reposync/*sp2*

SP Migration 09 - Vendor Channel

Check the SLES12 SP2 vendor channels:

SP Migration 09 - Vendor Channel

Check the SLES12 SP2 vendor channels:

# spacecmd softwarechannel_list | grep sp2
INFO: Connected to https://localhost/rpc/api as admin

# spacecmd softwarechannel_details sles12-sp2-pool-x86_64
INFO: Connected to https://localhost/rpc/api as admin
Label:              sles12-sp2-pool-x86_64
Name:               SLES12-SP2-Pool for x86_64
Architecture:       x86_64
Systems Subscribed: 0
Number of Packages: 3683

SP Migration 09 - Clone Channels

Clone the SLES12 SP1 channels:

# spacewalk-manage-channel-lifecycle -u admin -p "$pw" \
                                     -w adsy-sles12 \
                                     --channel sles12-sp2-pool-x86_64 \

INFO: Cloning devl-sles12-sp2-pool-x86_64 from sles12-sp2-pool-x86_64
INFO: Cloning devl-sle-manager-tools12-pool-x86_64-sp2 from sle-manager-tools12-pool-x86_64-sp2
INFO: Cloning devl-sle-manager-tools12-updates-x86_64-sp2 from sle-manager-tools12-updates-x86_64-sp2
INFO: Cloning devl-sles12-sp2-updates-x86_64 from sles12-sp2-updates-x86_64

# spacewalk-manage-channel-lifecycle -u admin -p "$pw" \
                                     -w adsy-sles12 \
                                     --channel devl-sles12-sp2-pool-x86_64 \

INFO: Cloning prod-sles12-sp2-pool-x86_64 from devl-sles12-sp2-pool-x86_64
INFO: Cloning prod-sle-manager-tools12-pool-x86_64-sp2 from devl-sle-manager-tools12-pool-x86_64-sp2
INFO: Cloning prod-sle-manager-tools12-updates-x86_64-sp2 from devl-sle-manager-tools12-updates-x86_64-sp2
INFO: Cloning prod-sles12-sp2-updates-x86_64 from devl-sles12-sp2-updates-x86_64

SP Migration 09 - System Overview

Click on srv1:

SP Migration 09 - System

Chck current "Installed Products":

SP Migration 09 - SP Migration

Go to "Software / SP Migration" select SP2 and click "Target Migration":

SP Migration 09 - SP Migration

Choose the development channel and click "Schedule Migration":

SP Migration 09 - Dry Run

Click on "Dry Run":

SP Migration 09 - Pending Events

Check the Pending Events:

SP Migration 09 - Events History

Check the Events History and select the "Service Pack Migration" Event:

SP Migration 09 - SP Migration Event

Check the output and the return code:

SP Migration 09 - Run

Start the actual Service Pack Migration:

SP Migration 09 - System Status

Click on "Schedule System Reboot":

SP Migration 09 - Reboot

Click on "Reboot system" to initiate the reboot:

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