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SLES 12 - SP Migration


  • Overview

  • Product Life Cycle

  • Migration


SUSE release Service Packs at regular intervals:

  • Support for new hardware

  • More receten versions of included packages

    • Better performance

    • Newer features

    • Bug fixes

  • Product enhhancements

Product Life Cycle

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server has a 13-year life-cycle: 10 years of general support and 3 years of extended support.

Upgrade Path

Major releases are made every 4 years. Service packs are made every 12-14 months.


  • You can update from a local CD or DVD drive or from a central network installation source.

    • Network installation source:

      • SCC

      • SMT

      • SUSE Manager

      • Installation Source Server

  • graphical and a command line tool


  • Backing up data

  • Temporarily disable kernel multiversion support

  • MySQL / PostgreSQL Database

Disk Space

  • Space requirements depend on your particular partitioning profile and the software selected.

  • During the update procedure, YaST will check the free disk space and display a warning to the user if the installation may exceed the available amount.

Checking Disk Space

Non-Btrfs File Systems

df -h

Btrfs Root File Systems

btrfs filesystem df /

df -h /

Supported Upgrade Paths

  • Cross-architecture upgrades are not supported.

  • SLES 10: There is no supported direct migration path to SLES 12. A fresh installation is recommended instead.

  • SLES 11 GA, SP1 or SP2: There is no supported direct migration path to SLES 12. (GA -> SP1 -> SP2 -> SP3)

Supported Upgrade Paths

  • SLES 11 SP3 or SP4: Upgrading manually or migrating automatically

  • SLES 12 GA: Service pack migration

Upgrading Manually

  • Boot from an installation source

    • Local installation medium

    • Network installation source (boot from local media or PXE)

  • Select Upgrade (instead of Installation)

Upgrading Automatically

  • Copy the kernel and the initrd from the installation media

  • Modify the grub menu.lst

  • Reboot the machine

  • Proceed with the usual upgrade process or add autoupgrade=1 as kernel paramater

SP Migration Online

  • Supported Scenarios

    • SCC, SMT or SUSE Manager

    • SLES 12


  • zypper migration

  • Plain zypper

  • yast2 migration

  • SUSE Manager

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