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Introduction to SUSE CAP

What is SUSE CAP

  • SUSE Cloud Application Plattform
  • Cloud Foundry on SUSE CaasP or native K8s
  • installed and configured via Helm Charts
  • PaaS for applications
  • Code deployment
  • specifically for stateless/12f apps

What SUSE CAP is not

  • Kubernetes
  • Hosting of self built Containers
  • standalone Cloud Foundry on VMs
  • Hosting of databases

For what is it useful?

  • Easy deployment of applications for devs
  • Deployment from source code using buildpacks
  • Kinda like Heroku

How to install it?

  • Using Helm Charts created by SUSE
  • Deployment of Cloud Foundry and UAA server are independent charts
  • Optional deployment of Stratos UI for Cloud Foundry management

How to interact with it?

  • Through Stratos UI
  • Through Cloud Foundry CLI

Deployment steps

  • Doc:
  • edit scf-config-values.yaml
  • Chart Repo:
  • UAA Chart: suse/uaa
  • Cloud Foundry Chart: suse/cf
  • Stratos Chart: suse/console

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