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Components of SUSE CAP

CF Architecture


  • Routes incoming traffic to appropriate component
  • Can be cc component or hosted application
  • Queries BBS for routing information

Oauth2 Server (UAA) and Login Server

  • Provide Identity Management
  • User Account and Authentication Server
  • Database for state
  • Attachment to LDAP or other IAM solutions optional
  • Checks if user are authenticated and authorized

Cloud Controller

  • Main component of Cloud Foundry
  • Directs deployment of applications
  • Database for state
  • Communicating with Diego for building/deploying apps through CC-Bridge
  • Knows about orgs, spaces, user roles, services and more

nsync, BBS and Cell reps

  • Constantly monitors state of applications
  • Reconciles with expected state if needed


  • Receives notification from CC when app is being scaled
  • Updates DesiredLRP in BBS


  • Monitors DesiredLRP with ActualLRP
  • Starts/stops instances as required

Cell Rep

  • Monitors running containers
  • Provides information regarding ActualLRP


  • Repository for large binary files
  • Application code packages
  • Buildpacks
  • Droplets

Diego Cell

  • Runs application instances, application tasks and staging tasks as Garden containers on Diego Cells
  • Diego cell rep manages lifecycle, reports state to BBS and emits logs and metrics to Loggregator

Diego flow

Diego flow

Messaging / BBS

  • Components communicate through HTTP and HTTPS protocols
  • Storing of temporary messages in Bulletin Board System (BBS)

Route Emiter

  • Communication between diego cell and GoRouter
  • Uses NATS Protocol to broadcast latest routing table to GoRouter


  • Streams application logs to developers
  • Metron Agent in Diego Cell
  • Doppler / Traffic Controller


Metrics Collector

  • Gathers metrics and stats from components
  • Informations can be used to monitor Deployments

Diego Architecture

Diego Cell Components

  • Rep
  • Garden
  • Metron Agent
  • Route-Emitter

Diego Brain

  • Auctioneer


  • BBS
  • MySQL


  • File Server serves static assets used in the app lifecycle
  • SSH Proxy for connections with cf ssh

CC Bridge Components

  • Stager
  • CC-Uploader
  • Nsync Bulker
  • Nsync Listener
  • TPS Listener
  • TPS Watcher


  • Provides abstractions for locks and service registration
  • Relies on a SQL backend for persistence
  • Lives in the Database VM

App Lifecycle Binaries

  • Builder
  • Launcher
  • Healthcheck

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