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Installation of SUSE CAP



  • SUSE CaaSP installed
  • Helm (client-only) installation instructions
  • Fix PodSecurityPolicy to allow privileged (CaaSP v3+)

on native K8S

  • API v1.8+
  • swappaccount=1
  • docker info shows aufs as storage driver
  • StorageClass already deployed
  • kube-dns running
  • ntp / systemd-timesync running
  • Docker allows privileged containers
  • Privileged=true on kubelet
  • TaskMax property of containerd set to infinity
  • Helm Tiller/Client installation on native K8S
  • all requirements

Can also be installed on

  • Azure AKS
  • Amazon EKS
  • OpenStack
  • docs

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • 8GB of memory per dashboard and master nodes
  • 16GB of memory per worker
  • 40GB disk space per dashboard and master nodes
  • 60GB disk space per worker.


Storage Class

  • Choose a storage class and set it as default
kubectl patch storageclass myStorageClass \
 -p '{"metadata": {"annotations":{"":"true"}}}'
* test the storage class by creating PVCs
* check if a PersistentVolume was created 

# Configuration

## scf-config-values.yaml

env: # Enter the domain you created for your CAP cluster DOMAIN:

# UAA host and port UAA_HOST: UAA_PORT: 2793

## scf-config-values.yaml (continued)

kube: external_ips: ["", "192.168.1", "192.168.2", "192.168.3"]

storage_class: persistent: "persistent" shared: "shared"

# The registry the images will be fetched from. # The values below should work for # a default installation from the SUSE registry. registry: hostname: "" username: "" password: "" organization: "cap"

psp: privileged: "suse.cap.psp"

## scf-config-values.yaml (continued)

secrets: # Create a password for your CAP cluster CLUSTER_ADMIN_PASSWORD: password

# Create a password for your UAA client secret UAA_ADMIN_CLIENT_SECRET: password

sizing: cc_uploader: capabilities: ["SYS_RESOURCE"] diego_api: capabilities: ["SYS_RESOURCE"] diego_brain: capabilities: ["SYS_RESOURCE"] diego_ssh: capabilities: ["SYS_RESOURCE"] nats: capabilities: ["SYS_RESOURCE"] router: capabilities: ["SYS_RESOURCE"] routing_api: capabilities: ["SYS_RESOURCE"]

## Add SUSE Charts Repo

helm repo add suse helm repo list NAME URL
stable local

## Test SUSE Charts Repo

helm search suse NAME VERSION DESCRIPTION suse/cf-opensuse 2.14.5 A Helm chart for SUSE Cloud Foundry suse/uaa-opensuse 2.14.5 A Helm chart for SUSE UAA suse/cf 2.14.5 A Helm chart for SUSE Cloud Foundry suse/cf-usb-sidecar-mysql 1.0.1 A Helm chart for SUSE Universal Service Broker ... suse/cf-usb-sidecar-postgres 1.0.1 A Helm chart for SUSE Universal Service Broker ... suse/console 2.2.0 A Helm chart for deploying Stratos UI Console suse/metrics 1.0.0 A Helm chart for Stratos Metrics suse/nginx-ingress 0.28.3 An nginx Ingress controller that uses ConfigMap... suse/uaa 2.14.5 A Helm chart for SUSE UAA

## Deploy UAA

helm install suse/uaa
--name susecf-uaa
--namespace uaa
--values scf-config-values.yaml

watch -c 'kubectl get pods --namespace uaa'

## Deploy SCF

* generate secrets

SECRET=$(kubectl get pods --namespace uaa
-o jsonpath='{.items[?("uaa-0")].spec.containers[?(.name=="uaa")].env[?(.name=="INTERNAL_CA_CERT")]}')

CA_CERT="$(kubectl get secret $SECRET --namespace uaa
-o jsonpath="{.data['internal-ca-cert']}" | base64 --decode -)"

* deploy SCF Helm Chart

helm install suse/cf
--name susecf-scf
--namespace scf
--values scf-config-values.yaml
--set "secrets.UAA_CA_CERT=${CA_CERT}"

watch -c 'kubectl get pods --namespace scf'

## Deploy Stratos Web Console 

* optional

helm install suse/console
--name susecf-console
--namespace stratos
--values scf-config-values.yaml

watch -c 'kubectl get pods --namespace stratos' ```


Pods UAA

  • uaa
  • mysql

Pods CF

  • adapter
  • api
  • blobstore
  • cc-clock
  • cc-uploader
  • cc-worker
  • cf-usb
  • diego-access

Pods CF

  • diego-api
  • diego-brain
  • diego-cell
  • doppler
  • log-api
  • mysql
  • nats

Pods CF

  • nfs-broker
  • postgres
  • router
  • routing-api
  • syslog-scheduler
  • tcp-router

Jobs UAA

  • post-deployment-setup

Jobs CF

  • post-deployment-setup
  • secret-generation

Pods Stratos

  • console
  • console-mariadb

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