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Project Eirini

What is Eirini

  • Eirini is a Kubernetes backend for Cloud Foundry
  • It deploys CF apps to a kube backend, using OCI images and Kube deployments.

Erini flow

  • nice integrated cf push flow
  • CF apps are mapped directy to kube StatefulSet


Orchestrator Provider Interface (OPI)

  • Abstraction layer for Cloud Foundry's Control Plane
  • Makes Eirini a generic backend for any Scheduler
  • Diego/Kube/Swarm as long as OPI integration is implemented


  • Converting of CC Requests to OPI specific objects
  • Makes Apps run in K8s


  • Staging by running K8s/OPI one-off tasks

Deployment instructions

  • Done with Helm
  • helm install eirini/uaa
  • helm install eirini/cf

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